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Positive In, Positive Out

P  Admit it – you thought my {P} day would be Poe or Punctuation. 😉



PIPO is my mantra. Positive In, Positive Out.

A few years ago, after a two-year period of anger and heartbreak and hatred (yes, I’ll admit it—hatred) I woke up one day and said, “ENOUGH!”

I already have health issues; why on earth was I purposely adding dysfunction and pain to my Image: totallyjamiephysical and mental well[or, not-so-well]being?

You see, when I wrap myself up in the negativity of others, I become negative. When I am stressed or Image: totallyjamiepressured and have no healthy release, or no safe way to tell another person they are being negative and harmful, I swear and slam things. I grind my teeth. I get raging migraines. I eventually get calm… very calm. Creepily calm. And then I am a terror to the world.

So I made the conscious choice and effort to eradicate negative energy from my world.

Image: totallyjamieDon’t get me wrong! I’m still as sarcastic and cynical as ever! I wouldn’t be my true self if I changed those character traits. And if it is something that directly impacts my children, watch out.


Beyond that, life is so much better when I simply roll my eyes Image: totallyjamieor ignore negative behavior in other people. Sitting quietly while another person rants and spews preventable anger or meanness is far more healthy for me than to engage.

PIPO ~ Positive In, Positive Out

Image: totallyjamie


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