Owl-verdose of cute!

Needle Felted Owl Ornament - Reading
This studious little owl is so cute! She is found at the scratchcraft etsy shop, a Twin Cities, Minnesota company.

“A Word to the Wise”
~ by Louise M. Laughton, recited by Frasier Crane

Little owlet in the glen
I’m ashamed of you;
You are ungrammatical
In speaking as you do.
You should say, “To whom! To whom!”
Not, “To who! To who!”

Your small friend, Miss Katy-did,
May be green, ‘t is true,
But you never hear her say
“Katy do! She do!”

Fun fact I was unaware of until after drafting this post:
April 26
is Poem In Your Pocket Day
Celebrate poetry tomorrow!

Celebrate Poem in Your Pocket Day