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Michelle Hegarty is the owning operator of Modified Editing Services. A writer herself, she is committed to providing quality, affordable writing, editing, and proofreading services to clients of all levels and needs. Specializing in novel manuscripts, she is also practiced in literary short fiction and non-fiction, student papers, and business material.

IMG_3916Michelle began playing with written language at a young age, from song lyrics to stage dramas to self-bound books. In 5th grade she was certain The NeverEnding Story movie script had been stolen from her. In her secondary and college years she participated in the competitive writing arena and had several winning poems and short stories published. But in her “aging years” it is her satirical style and appreciation for sarcastic sensibility that keep her pecking away at the keyboard day-to-day, with a preference for blogging and social commentary, and a dedication to finishing any one of her novels.

She lived in the once small town of Elk River, Minnesota until graduating from high school, then studied English and Communications at the College of St. Scholastica. Her travels through Alaska and the Pacific Northwest eventually settled her in the Willamette Valley where she IMG_3209went on to graduate from the University of Oregon with a degree in Sociology and Women’s Studies. After 16 years away, she returned to the Twin Cities. She has been a teaching assistant in Sociology and English, an English and Writing tutor for ESL exchange students, created advertising and business copy for nonprofits and small businesses, does grant writing for nonprofits, and has served on countless committees in education and the nonprofit sector. She is serious about childhood literacy and stays heavily involved by volunteering in public education.

Drawn to the eccentric, Michelle openly celebrates her passion for visual and written art through body modification. Yet she functions well in traditional society, even spending a great deal of time disguised as a PTO mom taxiing her children from birthday parties to sports practices.

“A real editor is focused totally on the writer’s work and helping the writer realize a vision of the piece or the book he’s set out to do. Editing requires a certain selflessness that is hard to find.”


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  1. As a fan of TBBT, and one of great grammatical knowledge, I’m hoping you know the answer to this. I don’t know the episode, but Sheldon corrected someone by saying something to the effect that a particular word the speaker had used was not one that was measured in _________ because it either is or isn’t. I cannot think of that WORD that fills in the blank! Roughly speaking, it means it either is or isn’t, but there’s no varying degree of it. What word did he use, or what word describes what I’m looking for? Thank you so much!!

    1. I know what you are speaking of; I can even hear Sheldon saying “one either is or isn’t”. Sadly, I can’t pull up from memory what the word is Sheldon uses. Perhaps Google can help me out? Or, better still, a complete re-watching of every episode from the beginning!

  2. I still have my eyes out for the episode we are thinking of. In the meantime, I found this from The Gothowitz Deviation episode:

    I give up. He’s impossible.

    I can’t be impossible. I exist. I believe what you meant to say is, “I give up. He’s improbable.”

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