Michelle was a godsend at the most stressful point before launching the Choosatron kickstarter. She allowed me to focus on content, and the million other spinning plates, leaving a solid, accurate, and informative page that brought in over triple the funding I was seeking!

Jerry Belich: Choosatron Fiction Arcade Machine
Choosatron Kickstarter Page Twitter: @Choosatron 

“When I turned in the manuscript of my non-fiction book, my publisher and I were on very different pages when it came to its style, tone, and structure. It was quite a divide, and the book deal hung in the balance. I was referred to Michelle, who took on this large project on short notice and did an absolutely wonderful job. I sent her my publisher’s comments, and she went through the manuscript and carved out a perfect synthesis of my vision for the book and what the publisher was looking for. She retained my voice and the end result still felt like my book, but all of my publisher’s issues were addressed. I was extremely pleased with her work, and my normally reserved publisher was effusive in his praise for the new draft. I learned a lot from Michelle, and I enthusiastically recommend her services to anyone looking for an editor.”

Tim Hanley: Author
Wonder Woman Unbound: The Curious History of the World’s Most Famous Heroine (edited by MES)
Investigating Lois Lane: The Turbulent History of the Daily Planet’s Ace Reporter (edited by MES) Website: thanley.wordpress.com Twitter: @timhanley01

“I was looking for someone who would go beyond mere copy-editing, give me the substantive editing that would help me achieve my goal of taking my book to the next level. Michelle came highly recommended by a publishing associate as someone who would do just that. She delivered far beyond my expectations: not only was she was thoughtful, timely, and spot on with her critiques, but she became a trusted partner in my artist’s journey. I think of her as my (writer’s) voice coach, helping me to carefully craft the unique writer’s instrument I have. It’s my story and only I can tell it, but I need the expert reader that Michelle is to articulate what she’s hearing, and make those suggestions that help me shape my work so that it really sings. All that and yes she’s a fine copy-editor, too. She was a dream to work with, and now I wonder how I lived without her until now. I plan to work with her on future projects.”

Susan Koefod: Author
2013 McKnight Artist Fellowships for Writers
Website: about.me/susan_koefod Twitter:  @Mysterazzi

“I recently hired Michelle Hegarty of Modified Editing to professionally edit my 400+ page novel MS, to bring it up to submission quality. My experience with her was EXCEPTIONAL. Not only was her editorial acumen top notch, she greatly exceeded my expectations by bringing unexpected value to the engagement that went way beyond mere editing.

I initially started small–engaging her to help improve my query letter and tighten up the first 50 pages of the novel. Not only did she do an outstanding job editing both documents, she also provided savvy recommendations that enabled me to completely revamp my query materials and craft a modified beginning to my novel that really “popped.”

Pleased with these outcomes, I decided to hire Ms. Hegarty to edit the full MS. She did a fantastic job helping streamline and trim the fat while simultaneously providing pages and pages of feedback, editorial commentary, and extensively detailed improvement suggestions. Best of all, she was able to immerse herself in the material from the dual perspective as both editor AND reader [she’s a horror fan with a highly informed perspective when it comes to this genre], and successfully managed to effectively bring both perspectives to bear on our project.

Obligatory qualifier: prior to working with her on this project, I did not know this editor. Our relationship is strictly professional. But after working with her, I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically recommend her services. If you are a novelist looking to take your MS to the next level, then Ms. Hegarty is the editor for you. I couldn’t be more pleased with the quality of her work, and her prices were highly affordable — especially given the level of high-touch service she provided. I’m currently working on a second novel manuscript, and there is no other editor I’d rather entrust my work to than Michelle Hegarty.”

Ryan Falcone: Author
Website: ryanneilfalcone.com Twitter: @DarkMoonDigest
Editor: Dark Moon Digest and Dark Eclipse Books 

“Michelle’s editing has been a key component in the development of RABBIT SLAYER. Her stellar performance early in the process helped with consistency and voice, while her exemplary attention to detail helped polish the manuscript. I look forward to working with her again in my future works.”

Kirk von der Heydt: Author
Rabbit Slayer (edited by MES)
Website: kheydt.wordpress.com Twitter: @KirkvdHeydt
Director: DFW Writers’ Conference dfwcon.org 

“I have been using Michelle as my go-to-editor for my writing projects for years.  She has an amazing ability to take my stories and tweak them just perfectly to make them even better!  She works quickly and thoroughly.  I recommend her to anyone who asks for an editorial referral.  She is a rock-star editor and always a pleasure to work with!”
Jessica Freeburg: Author
Living In Shadows (edited by MES)
Assistant Regional Advisor: MN Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators and Founder: Ghost Stories, Inc.
Website: jessicafreeburg.com, ghoststoriesinc.wordpress.com Twitter: @jessicafreeburg

I’ve worked with four or five other editors, some of whom have impressive resumes, client lists and so on. Michelle is every bit as professional and can “work you in” to her busy schedule like no one else I’ve worked with. Her editing skills are topnotch, her prices are reasonable and her approach is direct. When I have my next project ready for editing, it will go to her.

Mary Bleckwehl: Author
picture books Henry! you’re late again! and Henry! you’re hungry again?
Website: marybleckwehl.com Twitter: @marybleckwehl

Michelle has excellent writing skills and she has been a tremendous source of support, as she has edited numerous research papers and current event articles of particular interest to the military. She is flexible, thorough and provides feedback that produces a better product and makes you a better writer. I give Michelle my highest recommendation.”

Synlethia Bagwell: production officer, US Navy
Web: Synlethia Bagwell Twitter: @jbagw16091

To Michelle, thank you for the encouragement.

                                                                 Laura Amos: Author, book acknowledgements
Exactly There They’d Fall (draft edited by MES)
Website: lauraraeamos.com Twitter: @LauraRaeAmos,

I hope you enjoy it the second time around! Thank you for all the kind words and encouragement. It meant a lot to me.

                                                                                          Laura Amos: Author Exactly There They’d Fall

After 43 years of a professional career, I finally wrote my story. Michelle polished it up! I call Michelle the “makeover” queen for books. She took my ramblings, which I admit were co-written with an amazing ghost writer, and cleaned up the punctuation, making it flow. She did her magic and what came out was more than just edited, it was complete. All in a timely matter and for much less than I have paid for makeovers in New York and Beverly Hills. She added her classic, educated, elegant touch. My ex-husband’s new wife said, “I can’t find anything wrong with it” and Chris Clark, the published author of The Nutritional Grail said it had great flow and was well written. Even the folks at NBC sports Sunday Night Football found it easy to read so that they actually, well one man got only three pages—his comment was “this stuff scares me”–hmmm. Michelle also referred me to some agents. No bites yet, but since I am starting to do bigger shows I may be best to publish myself as I have a built in market, and Michelle has my book “camera ready”!  Now to get me camera ready–photo shoot for national talent agency today–wish me luck! I would 100% recommend Michelle and Modified Editing for your project’s makeover.

                                                                                                              Ruth Lordan: www.ruthlordan.com
Gleanings From the Fields of Life: A Psychic’s Guide to t
he Galaxy (edited by MES)

“What I like about you and your services are–fast, insightful, asked me the right questions, had to pause and re-organize my thought. You are not only an editor but also a partner/team player, I would say, Michelle. I can “see” your heart in your work/feedback/ and suggestion.”

Myat Thanda Tun: Author
Children’s books bridging Burmese culture with Minnesota living
Diversity Consultant 

Somehow I found myself helping put together my 20 year class reunion, and as ideas and thoughts came running through my head I knew I would need help conveying my message. So I started my search and found Modified Editing to be everything I needed. As our group’s ideas started coming together we needed to ensure the message to our over 400 classmates was short concise and to the point without any confusion. As we got to the end of the process and the day got closer and closer I felt the need to write a speech to welcome everyone to the reunion at the dinner. This last piece was very short notice, once again Modified Editing’s professionalism, creativity and knowledge of writing allowed me to give a well received speech. Although there were changes made to my speech in the end nothing was lost on what I wanted to get across.

Very Satisfied Customer                                                                                           P.J.H.: SFC United States Army Recruiting Command

“Modified Editing Services has been valuable for several of my authors, as Michelle has worked one-on-one with them in fine-tuning their ideas into commercial, well-written stories. Michelle brings a strong eye for guiding an author’s work through an extensive editorial process.  Her desire to ensure that the author not only has a good book in the end, as well as walks away more confident in his/her writing, is what makes her service unique and worth recommending to any author.”

Dawn Frederick: Literary Agent & Owner Red Sofa Literary & Red Sofa Books
Agency Website: www.redsofaliterary.comBooks Website: www.redsofabooks.com Twitter: @redsofaliterary 

Your enthusiasm for my project shows in the support and encouragement you give me and reinforces the confidence I need. Thank you.”

Barb Lingle: Tutor curriculum creation for teaching position advancement

“I don’t tell anyone except my agent I use editing services. It is probably an ego thing? I think everyone in the [publishing] business either uses an editor or should use an editor, but I don’t want people to know. Since I found Michelle’s company I have not needed anyone else. Michelle at Modified Editing Services edits all my articles, interviews and we finished a 2nd manuscript together. I give her important emails to edit before I send them [to other people]. She knows what she is doing. I would recommend her to everyone needing an editor.”

anonymous: Author Milwaukee, WI

“Academic competition is not only to be better than classmates. It is to be better than your last attempts and everything you have ever handed in to a professor. I learned this from Michelle at Modified Editing Services.”

Joran P.: Student University of Minnesota

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