Editorial Services☟

I will provide a clear assessment of your personal and professional writing projects, while respecting your unique voice. From proofreading to copyediting and all modifications in between, together we will make your work, work for you.


Services and Fees

Editing costs are always negotiable and final fees will be determined on a case-by-case basis after I have consulted with you about your expectations and needs. Payment options and extended payment plans are available. Just ask! 

Manuscript, essay, research paper, article

General Proofreading: Includes grammar, spelling, punctuation, typographical errors

  • $2.00 – $+ per page, average font & typeface, double spaced
  • $30 minimum
  • Editor and client may determine more in-depth editing is appropriate after discussion

Line-By-Line Editing: Includes grammar, spelling, punctuation, typographical errors, consistency, language

  • $3.00 – $+ per page, average font & typeface, double spaced
  • $35 minimum
  • Large projects quoted individually

Complete Content Editing: Includes grammar, spelling, punctuation, typographical errors, consistency, language, development, character POV, suggestions for reworking of clarity and plot, of tone and mood

  • $3.50 – $+++ per page, average font & typeface, double spaced
    (total fee to be determined after review of manuscript and discussion with author)
  • Contract and retainer fee of 25%
  • At completion, full payment is required prior to release of modifications and evaluation report
Manuscript Evaluation: Thorough read of your manuscript with written feedback on writing, story, characters, acknowledgment of strengths and ideas for improvement
  • Synopsis & first chapter evaluation
  • $85.00 up to 25 pages, average font & typeface, double spaced
  • Fee for evaluation of synopsis & first chapter will be credited toward the cost of a full manuscript evaluation or edit if the same manuscript is submitted within 30 days after initial evaluation is returned to the author

Query Evaluation and Edit

  • $85.00 for industry-standard query letter, average font & typeface, double spaced, up to five pages

Business document, personal letter

General proofreading: Includes grammar, spelling, typographical errors

• $3.50 per page up to 25 pages
• $150 per project 26-125 pages
• Larger projects quoted individually

Line by line editing: Includes grammar, spelling, typographical errors, consistency, content, message, and most importantly TONE

• $25 per hour up to 4 hours
• Larger projects quoted individually

Payment options and installments can be arranged. Projects by email will be returned with modifications and margin notes in red. If hard copy by post-mail is required, modifications and margin notes will be handwritten. Author will pay cost of printing and postage. In both cases, author must transfer edits to original document. (Modifications can be saved to electronic copy with my services after clear discussion with author and an additional negotiated fee.) Letter of Agreement or Contract required – can be done by email. Personal and professional projects not listed may fall into the above pricing. Please inquire.

Contact Information:   modifiedediting@gmail.com
Please send all initial information to the email address listed.
THANK YOU for considering Modified Editing Services.  

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