A Bit Of My Life, M, Rant

The MNgovt Shut Down and Bald People

  • While discussing Fort Snelling, soldiers, ghosts and bullets that fell through the floor boards and and and and all the things that fly through an 8-year-old’s mind when she should be sleeping but fireworks are keeping her wide-eyed… GirlChild asked when we would be returning to “the fort”. [Fort Snelling]
  • During the summer months, Gramma Poopa takes the grandchildren on weekly field trips. Last year the favorite was Fort Snelling. But with the Minnesota Government being “closed”, a great many of the field trip destinations are also closed.
  • I have been trying to keep my children aware of what is going on at the Capitol, in kid-understandable language (which, quite honestly, is the only way I understand it myself). But GirlChild has decided she has a way to deal with this whole situation.

“Maybe ask people nicely, like the one’s who have lots and lots of money, to give just a little bit to help the people who don’t have any. Maybe they can make business places that can help everybody. Like when we had lots of money and lived in the big house and we gave money to people and animals who needed help. Maybe ask more people to volunteer. ‘Cause we volunteer and I like it! I want to do it more, like with puppies and kitties and zebras and people who don’t have clothes. I have lots of clothes that don’t fit. And then if there is circus money [I determined she means “surplus money”] after everyone has tried to help everyone else, we can give the circus money to charity for old people in nurseries and help save the environment and animals and bald people and kids with no homes and people who need wheel chairs and  people who want healthy food.”

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