Celebrate Writing, M

National Day of Listening 2011: Thank a Teacher


Dr. Steve Schroeder-Davis, for pressing the importance of my passion, accepting no excuses, and reminding me success is measured by surpassing the goals I set for myself.

Carol Erickson, for slipping me extra reading/writing assignments, modernizing old tales, and confirming the suspicion I would not need most math as an adult.

Thank a Teacher 2011

Most importantly, John Barth. He never spoke to me as a kid, but as an apprentice. Told me I had an old soul he hoped would ‘grow younger’ as I aged. (✓!) Who recognized when I was ready to give up again but said, “not on my watch”. Pushed me to read everything I wanted, write everything I needed, and purge the words often to make room for new ones.

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