Thank you!

Thank you for the wonderful response on today’s post!  WordLESS/WordFULL Wednesday: Be done.

I was reluctant to post it at first since, although my love for body modification is no secret, it can make others a bit squeamish.

This post was not only re-tweeted and re-blogged, but I received some cool messages from folks. One, from my very best friend, who always reads my work though we rarely discuss it in our nightly conversations. Her text, “Great blog today”. Then during our phone call she said she learned something new about a part of my life. It made me smile. 🙂

My very favorite email, from an author I did not know: “You’re a weirdo. This is crazy stuff. I have to work with you!!”

I should mention, if anyone has any question about body modification I will be happy to answer about how it pertains to my life. But I can certainly give resources for further research. My best friend is a “vanilla” (non-modifier) and we look as different as can be. She’d never participate in the things I do and often can’t even watch or look at photos. My point – it takes all kinds to make our glorious world. On the inside we’re all the same.

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