A Bit Of My Life, Thoughful Thursday

Feeling Flipping Fantastic

In my suburban home corner I am on a district systems accountability committee that gave audience to the media specialists of our schools. I was shocked to see what $1000 worth of elementary age-appropriate books looked like. Imagine the old, beige, three-shelf, metal, rolling carts we had in the school library. Now imagine only half of the top shelf filled with books. I also didn’t know that each school in our district has 1.5 media specialists per school. With 800 or more students in every building, the ratio makes it impossible for our children to interact and learn from these teachers.

Over the summer and during the recent literary events I have amassed a rather large collection of books, many in duplicate or more, with the intention of donating them to my local library and my daughter’s school library. Before I even saw the presentation these books were sorted and stacked on my dining table (much to my children’s delight, as we often ate dinner around the coffee table in front of a movie). Having seen the presentation I immediately added every book our family has outgrown and collected books from friends and neighbors – favorites, classics, new titles, all in impeccable condition. By Tuesday of this week my three row SUV was full of boxes, every seat taken save for the front. The local library received one big bundle. Our school received four giant boxes and many stacks.

Volunteerism and donation are intended to help our community. I instill in my children that this is not only a duty, it is a privilege to be a part of a grander scheme. It gives opportunity for fellowship, to be caretakers of our community, to give back to the society, humble us, and appreciate all we have. But I’m not going to lie… this was a fun project and I feel flippin’ fantastic for having done it!

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