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11.11.2012 Gratitude

Thankful for…

  • The Big Bang Theory
  • good tv writing
  • giggles

The Big Bang Theory is in syndication because of its wonderful writing, silliness, and Dr. Sheldon Cooper. I can’t get enough of Sheldon’s encyclopedic brain and use of proper grammar in even the most casual of situations. However, there is one often rerun episode, “The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification”, that causes me to cringe.

Sheldon, wheeling his virtual presence device up to Steve Wozniak:
“I just want say I’m a big fan. You’re my 15th favorite technological visionary.”

Banter, banter, mention Steve Jobs, banter, banter. And then…

“One of my proudest possessions is a vintage 1977 Apple II.”

Did you catch it? PROUDEST POSSESSION. Oh, Sheldon, you know better!

A possession can’t be proud – enough said.
It is a bit sticky to be proud of an inanimate object, as it does not do anything to make a person proud. But a person can be proud to own a possession.

Perhaps Sheldon could have said:

  • “One of the things I am most proud to own.”
  • “One of my possessions I am most proud to own.”
  • “One of my favorite things.” (Easy-peasy!)

Do you mentally correct the grammar of your favorite television characters?

4 thoughts on “11.11.2012 Gratitude”

    1. In the case you have presented, Chelli, I would say it is a matter of preference.

      I tend to avoid “-est” words, simply because I do not like the way they sound and I lean toward a more old-school way of speaking/writing. I don’t like “funnest” or “funner”, yet these are now acceptable terms. “Proudest of” is completely fine since you are indicating your pride “of” the object.

      But again, “proudest possession” indicates the thing is proud, not the owner of the thing. Yuck.

      Thanks for the question, Chelli! Stop by any time!

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