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I’m not gone…

It has been 6 months since I have given attention to my blog. Truly, that’s how busy Modified Editing Services has been in 2013. I’ve read very few books for pleasure and only a handful of blogs. Twitter has been ignored. Facebook gets some play, but none of my long ramblings.

Instead, I have been fortunate and grateful to be jam-packed with work! Further on in the year, I have more contracted projects waiting to begin. How did I get so darn lucky? And how much better could I do if I concentrated on my social media platform?

However, I find myself without a large project for the month of July. This is unheard of since the inception of Modified Editing Services! So I’d like to pass on these special offers:

  • For all technical writing, technical proof, or business projects contracted in the month of July, with returns* expected between August 1st and December 31st of 2013, I am offering a 10% discount. This offer is for existing and new clients alike.
  • For manuscript or research projects contracted in the month of July, with returns beyond July, I am presenting a 20% discount to all existing clients and 15% to new clients. Again, returns do not need to be finished prior to the 31st of July.
    • Please note: the month of August is already heavy with projects for me, so a return expectation of September-December would be greatly appreciated, but is not necessary.


  • For all manuscript or research projects, contracted by July 5th, with a return of the 31st for the very same month of July 2013, I am offering a 25% discount. This offer is for existing and new clients alike.
  • Referrals make me happy and keep my business going! With any manuscript or research booking by a new client referred from an existing client, I will:
    • extend a 15% discount to the contracted project of the referred client
    • and, as a thank you, extend a 15% discount on a future project to the existing client who made the referral. This referral discount will never expire!


  • I haven’t forgotten those of you who stumble across my blog or introduce yourselves at the many events I attend. For you:
    • any newly contracted projects in the month of July, under 100 pages will be $1.00 per page**
    • and any newly contracted projects over 100 pages will receive a 15% discount.
    • Please remember to tell me how you found me or where you met me!

I appreciate my clients so very much – many of you have become friends. You make it possible for me to do what I love. And while I can admit I did have one project, long ago, resulting in a disgruntled client***, I have had nothing but satisfaction and success in every other case. More and more of my authors are being picked up by agents, going on to receive publishing contracts, self-publishing, receiving better grades, and producing refined business projects. This makes me happy and so proud of you all.

It’s summer time. Go enjoy yourself outside and let me take over for a while. Tell me what I can do for you!

~ Michelle

*Return = the time a project is expected back to the client.
**$35 minimum, reads the finely printed fine print.
***We all have those and I own my part in the problems of that project. I learned a great deal!

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