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How will you celebrate in February?


Like you need an excuse to read, right? Well, for February’s I Love to Read Month, why not change things up? Read a genre you’d not normally choose.

Years ago, I joined a Chick Lit group. Our only qualifier for a book was that it had hot pink or sultry red on the cover. Usually a cover would also show pair of women’s legs, in sexy shoes, viewed from the back – just titillating enough, with the feminist promise that maybe her high-heeled shoes were made for walking away from whatever preconceived idea we had about the story. I would never have read these types of stories on my own, because I was literally judging the books by their covers. But by joining the Chick Lit group, I found stories I have grown to love.

The Nanny Diaries book cover            

These books are a far cry from what I was used to reading by Edgar Allan Poe, Michel Faber, Emily Bronte, Barbara Kingsolver, and Wally Lamb. Yet, to my surprise, I grew to love Watermelon so much my right forearm has this tattooed on it:

When happiness makes a guest appearance in one’s life, it’s important to make the most of it. It may not stay around for long and when it has gone wouldn’t it be terrible to think that all the time one could have been happy was wasted worrying when the happiness would be taken away.” 

So my challenge to you all is to not only read this month, but celebrate by reading outside of your comfort zone. You never know what treasures you may find! Currently, I’m trying to pepper my reading with YA fiction.

Remember, you can always check out what I’m reading here. I try to keep it updated, but often read, and then forget to record, a book along the way.581839_10151560241016079_936862037_n

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