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11.10.2012 Gratitude

Thankful for…

The things I gift myself:

  • sleep
  • rest
  • free time
  • chocolate covered things
  • friendship
  • emotion
  • the permission to say “no”
  • saying “yes”

Last night I attended the final Talking Volumes event of Fall 2012. Listening to Erin Morgenstern, author of The Night Circus, discuss her writing process was refreshing as (unlike many touring authors) she was unscripted, animated, and eager to interact. It was most exciting to hear her source of inspiration was often her own dreams, since that is almost exclusively where I get my own ideas. (Ahem… I expect giggles from my clients, since the preceding was a sentence in great need of editing. Revise to: My ideas develop from my dreams just as hers develop from her dreams.)

Dreams and people watching heavily influence my writing. Where does your inspiration come from?

Check out this great post by Red Sofa Literary Agency about last night’s event, and the importance of revision, editing, timing. Revise, Revise, Revise Again is something akin to what I talk about here often. Now you can hear it from an agent!