Listed, Simple Grammatical Rule, Why Do I Need An Editor


Everyday I hear and read shredded versions of the rules that make up modern American English. My incorrect assumption was that writers, especially published authors and journalists, have a grasp of the language with which they communicate. Since I gather the majority of my world and local news in written and web forms, as well as visit topical interest internet sites, I see far too many errors being rewarded with sponsorship and paid-for content. I’m not speaking of typos; I’m talking about wrecked grammar, slang-as-article-material, mystery sources not cited, and just plain old junk. 

There are six drafted posts waiting in the wings of this blog. I keep adding more, and they each keep getting longer. They all stem from grammar. But there are many reference books and websites already dedicated to the rules, and I don’t need to spend time re-teaching the basics. There are far more exciting things to discuss here!

I do, however, reserve the right to post reminders of simple grammatical rules and lists… because, well… I can.

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