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U = Ukulele

The ukulele, in my world, was a shrunken guitar associated with Hawaii, Tiny Tim, and a weird song from 4th grade music class.

Until 2007 when Eddie Vedder created the soundtrack for the movie Into The Wild, based on the book and life of Christopher McCandless.

Eddie went on to release another solo album, 2011’s Ukulele Songs. Both projects are more than just worth a listen; they give listeners a glimpse into the musical soul of a matured and artistic musician.

It is not my intent to make this post a Vedder advertisement. I simply want to share the beauty I find in the sounds Eddie has gifted to the world. More than music, he has given us the poetry of his lyrics.

“Gonna rise up,
burning black holes in dark memories
Gonna rise up,
turning mistakes into gold”

RISE by Eddie Vedder, Into The Wild Soundtrack

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