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A = April and Assignments


When I was in school I loved getting a new assignment.
Each undertaking was a fresh opportunity to prove myself against a measurement.

Too easy?

As an adult, especially one self-employed, I am less afforded chances to measure up as I am expectations to hold steady. This makes fine the line between stable and static. I tend to only apply analysis to my situation when there is deterioration of the norm, a decline in comfort. When did I decide that advancement is an external assessment?


For the month of April I plan to move forward by giving myself an assignment. I am embracing the annual blog challenge created by Arlee Bird, of Tossing It Out, and his team of thinkerly types over at Blogging From A-Z. I am introduced to many contacts through the Modified Editing site, and many have questioned in some fashion why I have not updated anything since the end of last year. Am I still in business? Why, yes, I am! I have to remind myself, this is a blog, not an advertisement in the Yellow Pages.

Looking for some “assignments” to get yourself moving forward? Start with a local search for writing challenges. For example, every year there is a contest put on by the Pacific Northwest Writer’s Association. Similar contests are found in any community, at any college, and anywhere online. Tumblr challenges abound for those of you with that special brand of Tumblr patience. Create your own challenge out of something you’ve always wanted to try.

Here are some challenges a few of my friends are taking:

  Writer's Quest     


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