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C = Contracts and Citations

Decorative Letter C


I am working

on contracts.

In freelance work it is so easy to trust the “gentleman’s agreement” of a handshake and a word. But even the best intended transactions can go wrong if there is a misunderstanding of expectations. As someone providing a service, I want to ensure I am fairly compensated for the amount of time and the quality of work I give to a project. It is equally important that my client feels comfortable, happy, and satisfied with the service I have provided. If expectations are openly discussed and clearly written, with input from both parties, prior to the start of a project, surprises and disappointments are less likely to arise.

Once a relationship with a repeat client becomes familiar, the notion of a contract may seem distasteful. However, consistently creating a contract for every new project will pave a clean path for future discussions and future projects.

Now, I am going to get back to my contracts. For continued reading on this “C” day, I refer you to a post from last year. Reference Preference discusses using citations in your work. Take a gander and have a happy Tuesday!

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