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November brings writing opportunities!

By the time this posts, many of you may already be gearing up for NaNoWriMo. National Novel Writing Month is a time for writers of all levels to set and meet daily goals with the intention of writing a novel in the 30 days of November.

You can read my thoughts and suggestions concerning NaNoWriMo here. I wish you happiness and excitement on your writing journey!

For the bookish or writerly types who just can’t or don’t care to take part in NaNoWriMo, there are some wonderful self-guided events to take part in.

November is Lifewriting MonthIf you’d like to write, but a novel isn’t your thing, try a short story about something from your childhood. Tackle a memoir. Or use the information you may have gathered in October during Family History Month and write about your lineage. Another wonderful option is to channel that Life Writing energy into scrapbooking. It needn’t be a giant production requiring thousands of dollars worth of scrapping supplies. (But I can certainly help you out there if you want to take a walk through my garage and storage areas. I have a few million items I am willing to part with.) Just make sure you make record of the reminiscences and feelings next to each picture and event. Write down those Forever Memories!

November 1st is National Family Literacy Day, kicking off a month of nation wide events to celebrate National Family Literacy Month. Check out your local library and bookstores to see what is happening in your area!

One bit of advice that I’d like to add to last year’s post:
I, being a lowly first line editor, could really use the extra income a year-long project would bring! However, I would not be an ethical business person if I made myself the only sounding board for the overhaul and editing of your story. Workshop and revamp your story as much as you can before you submit to a first line editor. Unless you are working on a multiple submission basis, you want to send your almost-there-just-needs-a-professional-critical-eye-to-make-it-pristine manuscript. Otherwise, you could be spending far more for my services than you need to. While I like money, and have found it beneficial to modern-day survival, I don’t think it is cool to take advantage of people.

I’m here for you when you are ready and anytime you need me. I look forward to the day that you and I can get together and make your work, work for you!

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