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The Kill

K“The Kill” by 30 Seconds To Mars

Aside from being one of the most recognized songs from their emo-screamo phase, the video for “The Kill” is the 30 Seconds To Mars ode to Stanley Kubrick’s cinematic version of the best-selling Stephen King novel, The Shining.

King purists think Kubrick’s film was a terrible departure from the book. Kubrick purists think the 30STM video is a pop culture rip-off. Many of the younger 30STM fans don’t have a clue what the rest of us are talking about. Boo to all of them.

The Shining, a book published in 1977, is certainly one of Stephen King‘s best works and much more layered and rich than any subsequent cinema version. I’ve read it several times and am always humbled by King’s writing.

The Shining, a visual retelling released in 1980, is undeniably a chilling accomplishment by Stanley Kubrick.

“The Kill”, a 2005 single from the  A Beautiful Lie, the second album from 30 Seconds To Mars, the video for which is a nearly six-minute face-your-demons reimagining featuring more twins in one place outside of the Annual Twins Day Festival that proves music videos and unique musical artistry are not dead in the digital age. On the contrary, 30STM has found international success because of their social media and free use campaigns, as well as breaking the record for the longest continuous band tour back in 2011 (and still going strong in 2014).

I’m a fan of all three: the book, the movie, the video. I am marginally interested in Stanley Kubrick, fascinated and thankful to Stephen King, and a madly-devoted-from-day-one 30 Seconds to Mars fan.

“This is a song called “The Kill”. But don’t be scared, it’s a nice song. About losing your mind.”
~ Jared Leto

4 thoughts on “The Kill”

  1. Ahh I”m about halfway through King’s On Writing right now. I’ve never actually read any of his books, but always enjoy the movie versions. On Writing is convincing me that I should read some of his stuff. I’ll add them to the ever-growing ‘to read’ list haha
    fun post!

    AJ @ Naturally Sweet
    An A-Z Co-host blog
    Tweet me! @ayjaylauer

    1. On Writing is a must read. He rarely likes the end product of any movie adaptations, and sometimes you will see him do a cameo as a tertiary character. But if you enjoy the movies, then the books will blow you away. He can be a bit formulaic on his basic characters, but his stories are unique and his main characters are memorable. His has a knack for dialogue that few authors have.

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