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Linking your links.

LYou’re blogging! You’re a blogger. You have a website and you are drawing attention. What more can you be doing to gain and keep visitors?

Simple—watch your links!

Once you have a reader, the worst thing to do is open a door for them to go to another site. You want them to stay on your blog, reading, exploring. If you’re like me, you often link to other blogs. It is a nice way to recognize the work of other bloggers, and it is a good way to cite your sources. When a reader clicks on a link, it is imperative that the link does not erase your blog from their screen.

Make sure links open in a new tab. Most web hosting services allow for the feature—use it. Keep your readers on your site. Once they finish reading your post, they can go to the open tab for further reading on another site. And your blog will stay open in their browser, ensuring a reminder that you are still there, until they close out the page.


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