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Mss and other abbreviations.


    MSS mss MS ms ?


I sometimes forget not everyone who submits to me is familiar with editing slang. Here are a few abbreviations I use often:

AGT = agent

ch = chapter

cit = citation, needs citation

CP = critique partner

cx = correction, usually noted next to a change

EditTip = editing tip, advice, suggestion

FLE = first line editor, freelance editor78366777

fn = footnote, needs footnote

LMK = let me know

MC = main character

ms = manuscript = the pre-published book or movie that you and I are editing together

mss = multiple manuscripts or multiple pages in one manuscript

pg = page

POV = point of view

pub hs = publishing house, publisher

spc = space, spacing

WIP = work in progress = whatever you are currently writing

WG = writing group

Xref = cross reference


2 thoughts on “Mss and other abbreviations.”

  1. Oh cool–someone else who uses WIP instead of WiP. Since one is not supposed to capitalize prepositions, WiP is technically correct. But I got into the habit of WIP, and it’s stuck. Glad to see I’m not alone! 🙂

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