April A to Z Challenge

G = Grammar and Gifting

G, Ornamental letter

Grammar is fun.

Don’t agree? Then you are probably not a teacher of English or an editor. A lot of writers I work with not only hate grammar, they have no knowledge of its proper functions. That’s OK! I’m here to help make written art discernible to the everyman without corrupting voice or integrity.

If, like me, you find yourself playing with Grammar Gorillas, listening to Grammar Girl, losing yourself for hours in the OWL at Purdue, you are a Grammar Geek.  As an editor with a blog about (well, mostly) editing, I should be using G-day of the A to Z Challenge to write about Grammar. But I’ll leave it at little blurb above and move on to GIFTING.

Gifting yourself.

Gift yourself a break. It is springtime. There is a lot happening outside. You are sitting at your computer, where you planted yourself last November. New Year’s Eve was spent typing away because you wanted to have one completed manuscript finished by the end of 2011, but you’re still working on that manuscript 4 months later. Do you want to miss the blossoming trees and blooming flowers? Whole families of birds have moved in and moved out of your rafters already!

Gift yourself some time away from writing. I know… it’s hard. You’ll be back at it first thing Monday, no doubt. Just take this spring weekend to shake your mind free of the problems your characters are facing and enjoy the life right in front of you.

If the first rule of writing is to Write What You Know, you need to know more than a computer screen and a desk.

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